Islamiat 11th Class Notes All Chapters – 11th Class Islamiat Notes

Islamiat is most interesting and important subject. it’s not much difficult subject but you’ve got to organize this perfect. This advantage of study this subject is that it provides you both the religious and worldly knowledge. For the right preparation of this subject, 11th class islamiat notes are available. you’ll get full marks in Islamiat by preparing these islamiat notes. you’ll recover prepared by these notes. 11th class islamiat notes pdf 2021 is out there at our website which you’ll download to form sure your better preparation.

11th Class Islamiat Notes Chapter Wise Free Download in PDF Urdu Medium

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Toheed Urdu Medium
2 Risalat Urdu Medium
3 Maalika Urdu Medium
4 Asmani Kitabe Urdu Medium
5 Akhrat Urdu Medium
6 Irqane Islam Urdu Medium
7 Allah Rasool(S.A.W) ki Mohabt o Itaat Urdu Medium
8 Haqooqal Ebad Urdu Medium
9 Mashrte Zimadarian Urdu Medium
10 Rehmatul Alameen Urdu Medium
11 Akhowat Urdu Medium
12 Masawat Urdu Medium
13 Sabr o Istaqal Urdu Medium
14 Afowo Darguzar Urdu Medium
15 Zikar Urdu Medium
16 Tarfe Quran Urdu Medium
17 Tarfe Hadees Urdu Medium
18 Muntkhib Ayat Urdu Medium
19 Muntkhib Hadees Urdu Medium

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