Lahore College For Women University New Merit Lists 2021

The Lahore College for Women University is a public university in Lahore, Pakistan and considered to be the largest women institution in Asia.

Lahore College For Women University New Merit Lists 2021 (Morning)

Deparments Merit List
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Lahore Women’s University College has established a research center to provide students with advanced research facilities and services.

Higher education institutions need quality benchmarks in their key performance areas. In order to institutionalize the quality control process, HEC has established a quality assurance agency.

In order to implement the National Action Plan for Performance Evaluation, Evaluation and Certification of Higher Education Institutions, a Quality Improvement Team was established at Lahore Women’s University College.


The HEC Digital Library is a program designed to provide access to international academic literature based on electronic (online) delivery for researchers in public and private universities in Pakistan and non-profit research and development organizations.

The university’s main libraries (science, computer science, and art) have collections of books, magazines and publications, as well as national newspapers.

In addition to the main library, the graduate school also has a seminar library

There is a library maintained by the Ministry of Social Work. Provide textbooks for worthy and needy students.\

Student activities

To facilitate co-curricular activities and sports, there are student societies and clubs. Presidents and secretaries of these societies are nominated by the teachers. By participating in these activities the students win prizes. The Shaukat Ara Niazi Gold Medal is awarded to students on the basis of best performance in literary pursuits.

  1. Botanical and Horticultural Society established by Dept. of Botany in 2013, holding interuniversity events with perspectives of Plant Sciences.
  2. Bazzm-e- Mushaira’s develops literary and poetic ability among students by arranging poetry events and competitions. Inter-university functions and competitions are arranged
  3. Comptech Society is a platform for the student of Computer Science Department to incorporate their extracurricular activities. Students from BS-CS, MS-CS and MIT share their views and arrange events.
  4. The Economics Society arranges seminars, workshops, quiz competitions and essay competitions.
  5. The English Debating Society allows students to present their views, building confidence and oratorical skills.
  6. The Geography Society objective is to enhance student’s capabilities, enhance their knowledge, build confidence among students and promote teamwork
  7. The Home Economics Society organizes workshops and competitions.
  8. Iqbal Society organize Iqbal Day programs, workshops and seminars highlighting the thought and philosophy of Iqbal.
  9. The Psychology Society has been revived and the members to be elected are interviewed. The society arranges events like workshops, seminars, conferences and lectures.
  10. The Punjabi Debating Society arranges inter-class and intercollegiate debates competitions and prepares students of LCWU to participate in debating competitions in other colleges and universities.
  11. The Shaukat Ara Niazi English Literary Society is named after Shaukat Ara Niazi, a faculty member of the English Department. The society arranges events, quizzes and essay writing competitions to polish students in literary activities.

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